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Curved Handle 19" Long Wire Brush (Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel)

par Powerweld
Original price $4.02 - Original price $9.37
Original price
$4.02 - $9.37
Current price $6.52
Number of Rows: 3 Rows
Brush Material: Stainless Steel

Curved Handle Scratch Brush for Welding

A wire brush with a 19" long curved lightweight wooden handle. Available with 3 rows of brushes for standard weld cleaning, or 4 rows for larger welds. Perfect for long sweeping strokes of larger work material. Available in carbon steel bristles or stainless steel bristles


  • 19" Long
  • Curved Handle
  • Choice between carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Choice between 3 rows or 4 rows of brushes