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CK Worldwide 3 Series Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Bodies

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Size: 0.020"/0.040" (1.0mm)

CK Worldwide 3 Series Large Diameter Gas Lenses

Gas lenses provide a more directed gas flow and improved gas coverage compared with a traditional collet body set up which allows you to increase tungsten stick out. Large diameter gas lenses combined with large diameter cups allow you to walk the cup. Commonly used to cap a pipe weld. 

Fits CK17, WP17, CK26, WP26, and all other 3 series TIG torches.

Size/Part Numbers Available:

  • 0.020”/0.040" 3GL0204LD (by order only)
  • 1/16" 3GL116LD
  • 3/32" 3GL332LD
  • 1/8" 3GL418LD
  • 5/32" 3GL532LD