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400x200x200mm Clamping Block (Plasma Nitrided)

par Siegmund
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$1,011.43 - $1,011.43
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Clamping Block for System 16 Siegmund Welding Tables

Dimensions: 400mm L x 200mm W x 200mm H

Finish: Plasma Nitrided

The Siegmund Clamping Riser Block is suitable as a table extension for vertical superstructures, as well as a connection of two welding tables. Individual table sizes can be achieved by connecting several clamping blocks using Connecting Bolts (Item No. 2-160560.N).

The combination of the horizontal / vertical hole arrangement at the top and a diagonal hole arrangement on the sides, enables a multitude of stop- and clamping options.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160272.P
- Plasma Nitrided
- 5 Sided
- Length: 400mm (15.75")
- Width: 200mm (7.87'')
- Height: 200mm (7.87'')
- Material Thickness: 12mm (0.47'')
- Weight: 55 Ibs.