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CK Worldwide Gas Saver Accessory Kit for 2 Series Torches (AK-4GS)

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All you need to get started TIG welding stored in one handy case. Perfect for those that want to try out gas saver consumables but aren't certain which sizes will be best for their work. For use with 2 series torches.

Accessory kit includes:

3x Gas Saver Cups (1x #4 Alumina, 1x #6 Alumina, 1x #8 Pyrex)

1x Gas Saver Collet Body

3x Gas Saver Collet Body Adapters (1x 1/16", 1x 3/32", 1x 1/8")

3x Gas Saver Collets (1x 1/16", 1x 3/32", 1x 1/8")

1x Long Back Cap

1x Heat Shield

3x 2% Ceriated Tungsten 7" Long (1x 1/16", 1x 3/32", 1x 1/8")