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CK Worldwide CK230 Water Cooled TIG Torch With Gas Valve

Original price $207.33 - Original price $267.65
Original price
$207.33 - $267.65
Current price $207.33
Cable Length: 12.5 Feet
Cable Type: Standard

CK Worldwide CK230 Water Cooled Rigid Head Tig Torch With Gas Valve

Water cooled 300 amp TIG torch with gas valve sold in the configuration of your choice. This small 300 amp TIG torch takes 2 series consumables which are the same as a 9 or a 20 TIG torch. Your welder will hit duty cycle before the torch gets too hot!

  • Water cooled TIG torches allow for longer sustained work at higher amperage capacities
  • Water cooled 300 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100% duty cycle
  • Rigid head torch - 8-1/4" length (20.9 cm) 3-3/4 oz weight (106 g) 
  • Superflex cable available - Silicone hose with a nylon overbraid making it lighter and more flexible than traditional TIG cable
  • Gas controlled at weld unit or at torch

    Part numbers:

    • CK2312V - 12.5' Standard 3 piece Cable
    • CK2325V - 25' Standard 3 piece Cable
    • CK2312VSF - 12.5' Superflex 3 piece Cable
    • CK2325VSF  - 25' Superflex 3 piece Cable


    Uses 2 series consumables

    Miller, Lincoln, and ESAB no longer make a 300 amp TIG torch. If you would like to max out the capabilities of your machine, while having a small handle with a compact front end, CK Worldwide CK230 is your best option.