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CK Worldwide Large Diameter Gas Saver Tungsten Adapters with Screens

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Tungsten Diameter: 0.040"

CK Worldwide Large Diameter tungsten adapter with screen for standard gas saver 2 series and 3 series torches. Using a multi-layered screen approach, these provide laminar gas flow that is superior to the standard gas lens. Additionally, when the screen eventually gets damaged,, they are much cheaper to replace than an entire gas lens. These are for use with large diameter size #18 TIG cups

Simply select your tungsten diameter. 


Sizes and part numbers available;

  • 0.040"TAS040GSLD
  • 1/16" TAS116GSLD
  • 3/32" TAS332GSLD
  • 1/8" TAS418GSLD
  • 5/32" TAS532GSLD