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Cougartron Fixed Single Brush Shroud - Long

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The long brush shroud protects the crimp of the brush – and prevents the fibers on a new brush from being damaged.

The long shroud is mounted in situations where it is impossible to use the twisting or the sliding shroud.

It is also used together with Cougartron angle adaptors used mostly to clean difficult-to-reach areas and surfaces. (scroll down to watch a demonstration video.)

The Long brush shroud is ideal to use for completely new or mildly used weld cleaning brush – so the shroud can cover and protect most of the brush.
Once the brush becomes shorter after use, we recommend switching to: Cougartron Single Short Brush Shroud -WELC2001


Weight: 0.02 lbs

Compatible brush:

    Cougartron Powerbrush - WELC3101

    Cougartron Superbrush - WELC3146

Compatible accessories:

    Cougartron Angle Adaptors - WELC2014,2175,2199 

    Cougartron Wand - WELC2235, WELC2056

Cougartron part number: WELC2038