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Cougartron CGT-S1 Stainless Steel Marking Fluid

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Stainless Steel Metal Etching Fluid

Use our popular stainless steel marking fluid CGT-S1 formula to mark onto any stainless steel surface.

Watch a video down below to see the results on stainless steel using our Cougartron MK12 Marking Machine in combination with CGT-S1.

We recommend applying CGT-N1 Neutralizing Fluid WELC3127 immediately after the marking process.

Note: In some cases, depending on the stainless steel composition, the result with CGT-S1 can appear dark brown instead of black, therefore we have developed another fluid you can try as an alternative fluid to achieve consistent black markings:  Cougartron CGT-SA Marking fluid for Stainless Steel and Aluminum – WELC3159

CGT-S1 comes in a 1 Pint bottle.


Weight: 1.22 lbs

Volume: 1Pt / 500ml

Cougartron Product Number: WELC3115