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Cougartron FURY Weld Cleaning Quad Brush Assembly

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4 Brush Attachment for Cougartron Fury 200

Use this attachment to replace the single large brush that ships with the Fury 200, and replace it with a series of 4 smaller brushes in series. The main benefit of this is that you cover a larger surface area, which allows you to clean larger welds faster.

The required brush style for the fury quad brush is the Fury 200 weld cleaning brush

Included in Kit:

  • FURY Wand with quad brush adapter. This adapter is only compatible with the FURY 200A brush.
  • WELC2573 – Cougartron Quad brush twisting shroud

If you want to connect a different Cougartron brush such as Powerbrush or Superbrush – you can use the special quad brush adaptor with M6 thread (WELC2010) with the single InoxFURY wand (WELC2547)
Or purchase the entire set (WELC2214) with the Wand , twist shroud and M6 quad brush adapter.

Features & Specifications

Weight: 0.716 lbs

Compatible weld cleaning brush: FURY 200A Brush

Compatible accessories: M6 quad brush adapter - WELC2010 (for Powerbrush and Superbrush)

Recommended for: surface cleaning

Cougartron part number: 2457