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Cougartron Weld Cleaning Wand with Shroud Assembly for Single Brush

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The twist shroud allows you to precisely control the length of the brush tip and extend the life of your weld cleaning brush.

With Cougartron twisting shroud you have more control over your brush than ever – this unique twist design means that you can precisely choose and control the brush length.

  • No more problems with damaged brushes
  • Increase brush life by up to 100%
  • Work up to 50% faster
  • Replaceable shroud
  • Components heat resistant to 620 F (327°C)

Cougartron Wand with Twist Shroud is compatible with:

  • Cougartron Powebrush (WELC3101, WELC3105)
  • Cougartron Superbrush (WELC3146)

Watch the demonstration video of the Cougartron Twist Wand and Shroud assembly below.

Note: This is an assembly for a single brush.


Weight: 0.19 lbs

Compatible brush: Cougartron Powerbrush - WELC3101, Cougartron Superbrush - WELC3146