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Cougartron Fixed Single Brush Shroud - Short

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The role of the short brush shroud is to protect the metal crimp on the brush from being damaged.

The fixed shroud is best used in combination with the angle adaptors – and when it is impossible to use the sliding or the twisting shroud for a single brush.

The short shroud is best used for shorter, worn-out brushes. If you have a fresh, new weld cleaning brush with longer threads, we recommend using the Cougartron Single Long Brush Shroud -WELC2038

Scroll down to watch a demonstration video of Single Short Brush Shroud together with Cougartron angle adaptors.


Weight: 0.02 lbs

Compatible brush:

    Cougartron Powerbrush - WELC3101, Cougartron Superbrush - WELC3146

Compatible accessoires:

    Cougartron angle adaptors - WELC2014,WELC2175, WELC2199

    Cougartron Wand - WELC2056, WELC2235

Courgartron part number: WELC2001