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Steelmax Eco Runner Trackless Automatic Welding Carriage

par Steelmax
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The Eco Runner is a battery-powered welding travel carriage designed to produce continuous fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches in the flat or vertical welding positions. Providing mechanized motion of the welding torch, the Eco Runner allows for continuous welding which increases operating factor and weld deposition rates. A 4-wheel drive system and permanent magnetic base provide powerful traction, smooth travel and stable speeds. A digital speed readout insures repeatability of the weld procedure and produces weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications, reducing costly over welding and substantially decreasing filler metal usage. A quick disconnect torch holder allows the torch to be easily swapped from one side of the Eco Runner to the other, enabling the operator to weld the entire work piece from end to end. An optional power supply can be used to plug the carriage into a 115V – 230V power source.


  • Compact and lightweight design for welding in narrow spaces
  • Convenient 18 V DC battery supply
  • Optional 115V – 230V line power supply
  • Versatile quick disconnect torch clamp for easy placement of the torch on either side of the carriage
  • Digital LED display for presetting travel speed
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Built-in guide rollers


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