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Tweco Style Copper Brass Ground Clamps

par Powerweld
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Options: 200 AMP

Tweco Style Copper Ground Clamps

Very high quality copper ground clamps with brass conductors. Sturdy spring and rugged design ensures a long life even in the most brutal of use cases. This is Weldready's recommendation for a ground clamp.


  • Manufactured from 98% copper alloy with forged brass conductors
  • Heavy-duty fully insulated springs provide positive strength at jaws
  • Heavy duty insulated spring for maximum clamping force
  • Ball-point screw secures welding cable to ground clamp
  • Clam shell copper alloy design


  • GCT-200, 200 Amp, Max 1/0 Cable (Equivalent to Tweco GC-200)
  • GCT-300, 300 Amp, Max 3/0 Cable (Equivalent to Tweco GC-300)
  • GCT-500, 500 Amp rated, Max 4/0 Cable (Equivalent to Tweco GC-500)