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Weldready White Leather TIG Welding Gloves

par Weldready
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Size: Medium

Weldready Standard TIG Gloves

Our very own private labelled TIG gloves. We bought in bulk and pass the savings right on to you to help get our brand out there. Made using premium cow grain leather for high durability while maintaining a nice soft feel.

Goldilocks gloves; not too thin, not too thick. We got these made thin enough that you can really feel the TIG rod, but thick enough that you won't burn yourself when picking up hot metal.

These gloves are sewn with 100% Kevlar for added strength at the seams. The thumb is set straight on the perfect angle for holding a torch.


  • Made from premium cow grain leather
  • Soft but highly durable feel
  • Not too thick, not too thin-->Goldilocks status
  • Stitched with 100% Kevlar
  • Thumb is set at the perfect angle for gripping a torch
  • Incredible cost/quality ratio


Bulk rates available for box of 72