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3M Task Light Kit for Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet

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Task Light Kit for G5-01 46-0500-05

The task lights attaches directly to the chin area of your Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet, and is powered by the battery of your Adflo PAPR unit. The task light will provide direct illumination to your work or drawings, which is especially useful in dark work environments. The kit comes with everything required, including power cable, mounting components, and the light itself.

3M Part Number 46-0500-05

 Included in the Task Light Kit:

  • Task Light LED Assembly 46-0500-05
  • Long power cable - 46-0500-02
  • Short Helmet power cable - 46-0500-03
  • Task Light Protection Plates - 46-0500-04