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Crossfire Trion 210 LCD Multi Process MIG Welder

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Crossfire Trion 210 LCD Multi Process MIG Welder

The Trion 210 does everything you want it to, and comes with everything you need to get started. Perfect for beginners, and suitable for the experienced. With the Trion you simply select a weld process, wire thickness, gas and what you are welding and the machine sets itself to textbook perfect settings. 

The exciting new 3 in 1 Crossfire TRION 210 is an innovative single phase, 200 Amp multi-process machine featuring the very latest in technology  and operator appeal. Unlike many multi-process welders available today, the TRION 210 does not compromise weld performance in any output setting. Novice and professional welders alike will appreciate its quick, intuitive set up procedure. Through the easy to navigate LCD screen, simply enter the chosen weld process, material type and thickness, wire or electrode diameter, and if applicable, the shielding gas. The 210 automatically sets up to the ideal weld parameter, immediately ready to tackle your requirement with ease.

Rated Input

115/230 Volts
Single Phase
50/60 Hz

Part Number


Rated Output

40-90 @ 115V - 40% Duty Cycle @ 90A
40-200 @ 230V - 20% Duty Cycle @ 200A

10-70 @ 115V - 40% Duty Cycle @ 90A     
10-180 @ 230V - 20% Duty Cycle @ 200A

10-90 @ 115V - 40% Duty Cycle @ 90A
10-180 @ 230V - 20% Duty Cycle @ 200A


H. 19" (480 mm) W. 13" (320 mm) L. 29" (730 mm)


Net: 40 lb (18 kg)

This machine can MIG weld aluminum with the SP210 Spool Gun

Example Screens:

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