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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Fronius TransSteel 5000 PULSE Split MIG welder

by Fronius
SKU 49,0410,0081
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Water-Cooled Option: Water-Cooled
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TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse MIG - Water Cooled

NOTE: Available in both water-cooled and non-water cooled (Air-Cooled) variants 

Introducing the TransSteel 5000 Pulse MIG welder: The Perfect Solution for Heavy-Duty Steel, Aluminum welding and fabrication. With almost 170 optimized characteristics, the TransSteel 5000 Pulse is built to meet the demanding needs of the heavy-duty steel construction sector. The intelligently designed TransSteel has the ability to tackle any project with ease and precision. 

But that's not all – the TransSteel is a versatile power source. Thanks to the Pulse function, the TransSteel 5000 effortlessly handles applications involving aluminum and stainless steel. This means that small and medium-sized enterprises can now benefit from a wide variety of materials without the need for multiple devices. With Fronius' TransSteel 5000 Pulse, one device is all you need to cover a wide range of applications, saving you time and money.

Overview Features and Functions:

  • Robust heavy duty build and design
  • Monstrous Max welding current range of 500amps
  • 3 phase 460V / 3 phase 575 - 600V  
  • MULTI-VOLTAGE variant 3 phase 230V / 460V / 600V available on request 
  • Wire feeder VR 5000 Remote 
  • 4 roller VR drive
  • Simple operation 
  • Aluminum weld ready - No spool gun needed
  • 5 EasyJobs - Save operation settings up to 5 presets
  • 170 optimized characteristics 
  • Pulse function
  • SynchroPulse
  • Special 4-Step mode
  • Spot and Stitch welding (intermittent welding)
  • Steel Transfer Technology (STT)
    • Steel
    • Steel Root
    • Steel Dynamic
    • PCS - Pulse controlled spray
  • Correction during welding
    • Arc length correction
    • Arc-force dynamic
    • Pulse correction
  • Welding data documentation
  • USB Thumb drive export function

The TransSteel series is intentionally focused on offering only the essential functions across all areas. Fronius believes in providing you with as much as necessary, while ensuring the best possible overview and ease of handling. This means less time spent figuring out complex functions and more time getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Choose the TransSteel 5000 Pulse for your heavy-duty welding needs and experience the perfect combination of power, versatility, and simplicity. The ultimate welding solution in the industry. The TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse welder is the ultimate MIG welding machine. When it comes to top tier quality equipment, Fronius is the company to execute that. This TransSteel 5000 Pulse is definitely an industry standard when it comes to heavy duty MIG welding. It offers a wide variety of functions and features unlike anything else on the market. 


    Introducing the revolutionary Fronius Water Cooling system that pays for itself! Experience unprecedented benefits including an increased lifespan for your consumables and torch, enhanced comfort, and utmost safety for welders. By utilizing advanced water cooling technology, The Fronius water cooling system ensures that your consumables and torch last longer than ever before. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and unnecessary expenses. With this cutting-edge innovation, you can significantly reduce consumable costs throughout the entire life of the machine.

    Not only does the TransSteel 5000 Water-Cooling system save you money, but it also prioritizes your comfort and safety. High temperatures and overheating can be a thing of the past, as this revolutionary machine regulates the temperature effectively. That means a greater sense of ease and reduced discomfort during those long welding sessions. Along with that, the ability to run Max 500A at 40% duty cycle or 360A at 100% duty cycle is simply effortless. 

    Experience peace of mind knowing that the TransSteel 5000 Water-Cooled welder will, not only improve your welding experience but also complements your financial goals. With the substantial savings you'll make by minimizing consumable costs, this machine pays for itself and goes beyond, giving you more value for your investment.

    Don't settle for outdated welders that drain your budget and fail to provide optimum results. Upgrade to the TransSteel 5000 Water-Cooled MIG Pulse Welder today and witness the difference it can make. Invest in a long-lasting solution that takes your welding game to new heights while saving you money along the way.

    What makes the TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse MIG unique???

    The TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse MIG is the perfect solution for those who are tired of their old machines not performing up to par. This new pulse welder is not only advanced but also highly efficient. One of the standout features of the TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse MIG is its pulse welding programs. These programs are designed to increase your welding speed and penetration, while simultaneously reducing spatter and rework. This means that you can complete your projects faster and with higher quality results.


    • Whether it's aluminum or steel, SynchroPulse gives you a TIG "Stacked dime" appearance in half the time with similar penetration and quality to TIG
    • New advanced design of a 4-roller motor and specialized liner means no spool gun!!
    • Aluminum synergic lines allow for simple parameter input!  

    The Fronius SynchroPulse welding technology takes this machine to another level. It provides a TIG-like "stacked dime" appearance in your welds. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your work but also adds to the overall strength and durability of your welds.

    Once you experience the benefits of the TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse MIG, you'll never want to use anything else. This machine is truly a workhorse and will become an invaluable tool in your workshop. Don't settle for subpar performance, upgrade to the most advanced pulse welder in its class today!


    Are you tired of dealing with complex welders that require you to adjust multiple parameters? Look no further than the TransSteel 5000 welder, featuring the revolutionary Synergic Welding technology. With Synergic Welding, operating the TransSteel 5000 is as easy as it gets. You only need to set one parameter to achieve exceptional results. Simply input your gas, wire diameter, material, and thickness, then choose your target amperage, voltage, or wirefeed speed. The TransSteel will take care of the rest, automatically adjusting all other parameters to ensure optimal performance.

    Whether you prefer standard or pulse settings, the TransSteel works seamlessly with both. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual parameter adjustments and say hello to the simplicity of Synergic Welding technology. Invest in the TransSteel 5000 Pulse today and experience the convenience of easy operation without compromising on quality. Welding has never been this effortless!


    The Simple Layout makes this unit easy to operate, and with the VR 5000 Wire feeder it accepts D200 (5/10lb) spools and D300 (30lb) spools. Also with a four roll motor nearly eliminates the chances of bird nesting and provides perfect feeding through your torch. The sophisticated design requires no tools to swap any parts on the wire feeder! With color coded rollers makes it easy to change wire diameters. The Wire Feeder VR 5000 is a highly reliable and durable wire feeder that has undergone thorough testing to ensure its robustness. It is equipped with ComfortWire technology, which includes an automatic wire threading feature that saves valuable time during operation.

    One notable feature of the VR 5000 is the viewing window on the wire feeder itself, which allows users to easily and quickly check the wire supply at a glance. This eliminates the need for manual inspection and helps to improve efficiency.

    Despite its robust construction, the VR 5000 is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 12.5 kg. This makes it portable and easy to move around, providing added convenience for users. The wire feed speed of the Wire Feeder VR 5000 ranges from 1 to 25 m/min, allowing for precise and controlled wire feeding during welding operations. This ensures consistent and high-quality results. The VR 5000 comes in one basic variant, but offers maximum flexibility as it can be easily configured and expanded with additional options. Users have the choice of optional connections, including F++, Euro, and Tweco, which cater to different welding requirements. Furthermore, an optional control panel is available for Synergic or Pulse operation. It is important to note that the Pulse operating panel requires a TransSteel Pulse power source. These additional features and options allow users to customize the Wire Feeder VR 5000 to suit their specific needs and optimize performance.

    Additional Wire feeder Parts and Options (SOLD SEPERATELY):

    The VR5000 can be customized to suit the need for any operation, including a double head wire feeder system. The Digital Potentiometer front panel comes standard on the TransSteel 5000 Pulse. The available options Fronius offers for the VR5000:

    • Water cooler
    • 60lbs spool option - Part # 4,100,734
    • Double head wire feeder system
    • Potentiometer front panel
    • Protective Screen cover
    • Gas Test - Wire Inching
    • External Start signal 
    • Power connector
    • Actual wire feed speed feedback
    • Wire straightener - for perfect feeding
    • Crane suspension bracket
    • Trabant 

    Spot & Stitch Welding Function

    To ensure optimal control and efficiency. The spot and stitch welding function revolutionizes the welding process by providing unmatched versatility and precision. It is particularly beneficial when working with thin materials, as it minimizes the risk of warping or distortion due to excessive heat. Moreover, it is perfect for tackling larger gaps or roots, offering a solution that guarantees secure and durable welds. One of the standout features of this function is its ability to tack sheet metal without the fear of burning through. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly rework, ensuring a seamless and error-free welding experience.

    What truly sets this advanced function apart is its adaptability. It can be easily adjusted to suit the unique requirements of any job or operation. Whether you need to tweak SPt (Spot/Stitch welding time) or SPb (Stitch breaktime), you have full control over the parameters. This level of precision allows operators to fine-tune their settings to achieve the desired results with utmost accuracy. Additionally, this handy function includes two exceptional stitching modes: 2T-Step and 4T-Step. The 2T-Step mode enables users to effortlessly create consistent and continuous stitches, while the 4T-Step mode further enhances the control and stability of the stitching process with less strain on the operator (Trigger Hold/Trigger Lock). This flexibility ensures that every project, regardless of its complexity, can be accomplished effortlessly and efficiently. 

    In conclusion, if you seek a welding solution that combines incredible performance, precision, and adaptability, the spot and stitch welding function is an absolute must-have. Farewell to the limitations of traditional welding methods and embrace this game-changing innovation that will revolutionize your welding experience.


      Pulse Characteristics

      Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This means that no matter the welding task at hand, the TransSteel 5000 is equipped to deliver exceptional results. The Pulse system on the TransSteel 5000 offers unprecedented control and precision. With 57 adjustable pulse characteristics, operators have the flexibility to fine-tune their welding parameters to achieve optimal performance. Whether you need to weld thick steel plates or thin aluminum sheets, the TransSteel 5000 can adapt to the specific requirements of each material. Not only does the TransSteel 5000 offer a wide range of pulse characteristics, but it also ensures ease of use. The Fronius team has carefully developed specialized pulse characteristics for the most common materials - steel, stainless steel, and aluminum along with many more. This means that operators can simply select the appropriate preset and start welding without the hassle of manual adjustments. The TransSteel 5000 takes the guesswork out of welding and streamlines the entire process, allowing operators to focus on what matters most - getting the job done efficiently and effectively. With the TransSteel 5000, you can trust that you have the right tool for any welding task. Its advanced Pulse system and tailored pulse characteristics make it a versatile and efficient solution for various materials and applications. No matter the complexity of your welding project, the TransSteel 5000 is here to deliver outstanding results every time. The perfectly crafted pulse characteristics were crated for the following materials:

      • Steel - Mild steel, cold rolled, Stainless steel
      • CrNi - Chromium/Nickel
      • FCW - (Metal Cored) 
      • CuSi - Copper Silicon
      • AlMg5 - Aluminum/Magnesium
      • AlSi 5 - Aluminum Silicon 
      • Including - PCS characteristics for steel 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.6mm

      Pulse Controlled Spray Arc 

      The pulse controlled spray arc is a very precise and unique feature. A conventional electric arc burns above the weld pool and sprays the filler material into the pool, where the PCSA (pulse controlled spray arc) will spray the filler wire not only into the weld pool but will push the arc past the weld pool and deeper into the work piece material. Focused arc with the PCS allows low process voltage to enable narrow arc focus where arc pressure is specifically applied into the component. Resulting in deep, narrow penetration for a much cleaner, stronger yet smaller weld. High arc pressure will not light up the arc, but presses on the weld pool. 

      Advantages for the operator:

        • Reduced light and heat radiation - Arc pushes on the weld pool
        • Despite relatively low welding parameters, reliable detection of the root edge
        • Lower energy input due to reduced voltage

      The pulse controlled spray arc (PCS) is a revolutionary solution for heavy fabrication processes that eliminates the concerns associated with short circuit or globular transfer. The PCS system operates by utilizing a pulsed arc that moves through the globular range before seamlessly transitioning to a spray arc. This unique approach ensures a highly stable and efficient spraying process without any disruptions or inconsistencies. One of the key advantages of PCS is its ability to provide precise control over the arc width. This is achieved through a pulse correction feature that allows operators to adjust and fine-tune the width of the arc according to their specific requirements. Unlike a conventional constant voltage (CV) spray arc, which lacks this level of control, PCS enables users to achieve the desired spray pattern with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

      By combining the benefits of pulsed and spray arcs, the PCS system delivers exceptional performance and versatility in heavy fabrication applications. It not only eliminates the challenges associated with short circuit or globular transfer but also provides the flexibility to achieve precise and consistent results.


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