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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Voltage Sensing 300 Amp Universal Aluminum Spool Gun

by Parker
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Configuration: Miller Spool Gun
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300 Amp Spool Gun for Welding Aluminum

Weldready is proud to present the Parker auto voltage detecting spool gun, the ultimate solution for affordable aluminum MIG welding. Get ready to experience high amperage aluminum welding like never before.

This spool gun is compatible with all Miller, Lincoln, and ESAB welders as well as Everlast and other offshore brands. It is easily the best bang for your buck available on the market today.



  • Precise and constant wire feed
  • Contact pressure of the feed rollers regulated directly on the handle
  • Transparent window for quick and easy reference to all moving parts
  • Rapid access for wire changes

view of drive roll and tensioner of parker universal spool gun


No machine wiring required

  • Fits Miller, Lincoln, ESAB, and Euro welders
  • On-torch speed adjustability
  • Faster wire speeds than conventional PCB systems

 Parker Spool gun voltage control box


Every detail has been considered to ensure the welder has the very best handling

  • New lightweight single piece coax system
  • A knuckle joint enables small movements of the handle independently of the cable assembly
  • Improved balance and positionability resulting in reduced welder fatigue

handle and trigger of parker voltage sensing spool gun



Superior aluminum MIG welding

The Parker spool gun is rated for 300 amps at 35% duty cycle, and has the smoothest wire feed possible without getting a push pull set up. With a 25' long lead, this spool gun will accommodate even the largest of work pieces.

Incredible Cost Savings

Lincoln and Miller spool guns in the 200-300 amp range are $2,000-$3,000 or even more! To make matters worse, you will be stuck using genuine Lincoln or Miller brand consumables which cost 2-3x more than Tweco consumables. 


Why Choose the Parker 300 Amp Universal Spool Gun?

If you need a professional quality, industrial spec, heavy duty aluminum welding solution, and you aren't ready  to spend $5,000+ on a push pull set up, this product is for you. Reach out to us before or after your purchase for support, and we will help you out. 


How to Use the Parker Spool Gun:

  • Connect the power pin to your machine same as a standard MIG torch
  • Connect the mini ground clamp from the control system to the work piece
    • This is how voltage is detected, and is the secret behind how this spool gun is a universal fit!
  • Install a one pound spool of aluminum in to your gun
  • You can now MIG weld aluminum!


  • 300 Amps at 35% duty cycle
  • 25' Long leads
  • Accomodates 0.030" (0.6mm) to 0.047" (1.2mm) aluminum wire
    • Includes drive roll for 0.040" (1.0mm) aluminum
  • Uses Tweco Consumables
  • Plug and play with your Miller, Lincoln, or other welder (send us a message to ensure we get you exactly what you need)

Configurations Available:

  • Miller Spool Gun
    • Fits Millermatic 211/252/255/355, Multimatic 215/220, Invision, Deltaweld, Continuum, and any other Miller welder
  • Tweco/ESAB Spool Gun
  • Euro Spool Gun
    • Fits Everlast, Yeswelder, Powerfist/Princess Auto, Canaweld, and other chinese/offshore welders
  • Lincoln Spool Gun
    • Lincoln (LN7, 8, 9)
      • Old school Lincoln with a big power pin
    • Lincoln PowerMIG Industrial
    • Lincoln Bell Plug
      • Suitcase feeders
  • If you aren't certain which connection you need, send us a message!

What's Included in the Box:

  • 300 Amp spool gun, pre-assembled to fit your welder
  • 30' Long voltage sensing mini ground clamp
  • PDF Catalog with diagrams, instructions, and maintenance guidelines

Save your time money and effort. If you are serious about aluminum welding, and you don't want to spend hours TIG welding, or fork out thousands to Miller or Lincoln, this is THE best option. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Trevor Handley
Was ALMOST plug and play.

The spool gun appears to be a good product. It was not quite plug and play for my machine. (lincolin power mig 255c) But Weldready took good care of me. They got in touch with their supplier and had a part shipped to my door in two days! Free of any charge! The whip just needed an extender to reach the female plug on my machine. After that, I had it up and running in ten minutes.

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