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Siegmund Welding Table Special - Set B

Original price $6,137.63 - Original price $6,137.63
Original price
$6,137.63 - $6,137.63
Current price $6,137.63

Ultra high end german welding table.  Table is 2000 x 1000 x 100 mm

Set includes:

1x Professional extreme nitrided steel table

6x Professional screw clamp, burnished/nitrided

2x Professional screw clamp 45/90 degree, burnished

18x Fast clamping bolts, burnished

8x Universal stop 115 L, nitrided

4x Stop and clamping square 90 X, nitrided

4x Stop and clamping square 90 L, nitrided

2x Stop and clamping square 300 G, nitrided

1x Stop and clamping square 500 GK left, nitrided

1x Stop and Clamping Square 500 GK right, nitrided


Contact us for more information, or if you want to come by the shop and try one out. These things are freaking awesome. You will love it, 10/10 guaranteed