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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 FX with Flip-up Lens

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ADF Filter Type: 9100X ADF Filter
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3M SPEEDGLAS Welding Helmet 9100 FX with Flip-Up Lens

Speedglas 9100 FX welding helmets help to protect your eyes and face from radiation, heat and sparks while providing a precise view of your work.  Designed for professional welders who require optimum comfort, trusted protection and ultimate performance. The 9100 FX is built off of the proven 9100 design incorporating a flip-up function, revealing a wide view grinding visor for ultimate safety and efficiency during your work day.


  • Shade 5 side windows that increase your field of view
  • Grinding Visor
  • Auto darkening shades 5 and 8-13 (ADF)
  • 5 levels of sensitivity (TIG, >20A, MIG/MAG, Stick, Tack)
  • Visor is curved to increase your peripheral vision
  • Air deflectors inside the helmet to help direct exhaled air out

Available options for welding filters are;

  • 9100X - 2.1"(54mm) x 4.2"(107mm) viewing area
  • 9100XX - 2.8"(73mm) x 4.2"(107mm)viewing area
  • 9100XXi 2.8"(73mm) x 4.2"(107mm) viewing area
  • New 3M Speedglas improved optics for grinding and weld set up
  • External grinding mode activation
  • Two memory modes for saved welding settings  

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Speedglas 9100FX Parts Diagram

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