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Cougartron CGT-SA Stainless Steel Marking Fluid and Aluminum Etching Fluid

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CGT-SA is our versatile double-acting marking & etching fluid for stainless steel and aluminum. It serves as an alternative fluid to CGT-S1 when marking stainless steel surfaces.

For most applications, the CGT-S1 will provide a perfect black marking result. However, in some cases, when marking certain grades of stainless steel, it can appear brown, and the use of CGT-SA fluid is necessary (for the black mark). *

CGT-SA is also effective with aluminum etching (white color) – must be used in a DC mode.

*Contact us for more information or advice on using the CGT-SA or CGT-S1 for marking stainless steel.

Comes in a 1 Pint bottle.


Weight: 1.234 lbs

Volume: 1 Pint / 500ml

Cougartron Product Number: WELC3159