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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

New FURY Single Brush Set specifically developed for Cougartron FURY 200A brush. You can now use only one FURY brush when cleaning smaller and less-oxidized welds – where the use of multiple brushes is not needed.

The set consists of:

  • Cougartron FURY Wand with M8 thread. (M8 thread is compatible with FURY brush only)
  • Twist shroud – compatible with the wand (WELC2547)

Twisting shrouds provide several prominent benefits:

  • Precise control of the brush tip without moving the shroud up and down
  • Firm positioning – the shroud is fixed and will not move during cleaning or polishing.

It also protects your brush crimp and the brush threads from damage.

If you screw a special M6 adapter (WELC2546) onto the wand, the set becomes compatible with other Cougartron brushes – Powerbrush, Superbrush, or Pipebrush.

Features & Specifications

Weight: 0.443lbs

Compatible Weld Cleaning Brush: Cougartron FURY 200A Brush

Compatible Accessories: FURY M8 to M6 Adapter (WELC2546)

Cougartron part number: WELC2470


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