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Cougartron FURY Weld Cleaning Single Brush Wand - Spare

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A spare Cougartron FURY Wand to be used with the Cougartron FURY Twist Shroud for single brush.

The wand is compatible with the FURY 200A brush only, but can be used with other Cougartron brushes with the addition of a special M6 adaptor – WELC2546 that can be easily connected to the FURY Wand.

Features & Specifications

Weight: 0.363 lbs

Compatible Weld Cleaning Brush: Cougartron FURY 200A Brush

Complete the set with: FURY Twist Shroud for single brush - WELC2545

Other Cougartron brushes are compatible with: M6 adapter for single, double or quad brush (WELC2546, WELC2006, WELC2010)

Cougartron part number: WELC2547