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Cougartron Weld Cleaning Wand - Spare

Original price $72.16 - Original price $72.16
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$72.16 - $72.16
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The wand is connected to the lead handle and holds the cleaning brush and the twisting shroud.

Spare Wand to suit Cougartron Twisting shroud.

The wand is suitable for one weld cleaning brush. *

The wand should be used together with the Cougartron Twisting Shroud -WELC2227

If damaged – replace immediately.

*Compatible with:

  • Cougartron Powerbrush – WELC3101
  • Cougartron Superbrush – WELC3146
  • Cougartron PipeBrush – WELC3131
  • Cougartron Thunderbrush – WELC3091


Weight: 0.16 lbs

Compatible brush: WELC3101, WELC3146, WLEC3091, WELC3131

Compatible accessories: Cougartron Twist Shroud - WELC2227

Cougartron Part Number: WELC2235