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We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.

ESAB Savage A40 Welding Helmet

SKU 0700000490
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Colour: Black
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This is the best welding helmet for hobbyists and professionals on a budget. At $192, this is the cheapest way to get a true color welders mask.


Savage A40's lightweight welding hood comes with all-new adjustable headgear to provide exceptional comfort while protecting from heat, sparks, and spatter - no matter the application.


We equipped Savage A40 with a 3.93 x 1.96 in. viewing area for a wider field of vision and greater spatial awareness. Its 1/1/1/2 optical-class lens features our ultra-clear true-color technology for increased weld pool clarity and enhanced definition. The result? A bigger, better view.


With Savage A40, the sensitivity and delay settings are completely in your control. Adjust the sensitivity before low-amp TIG welding for better reaction to darker arc light, or fine-tune the delay to set how long the lens stays dark after the welding arc stops. And Savage A40's four light sensors provide a faster auto-darkening response, especially when working out of position.


Just like Sentinel, Savage A40 comes with an externally activated grind mode button for superior convenience. And its DIN 9-13 adjustment knob makes it easy to change shades, even while wearing a heavy glove.

  • External shade adjustment between DIN 9 and DIN 13 and an optical class of 1/1/1/2. Delay and sensitivity can be adjusted from the inside
  • Four arc sensors for higher auto darkening response
  • Wider coverage and a larger viewing area of 100 x 50 mm (3.93 x 1.96 in.) that offers a wide field of vision and increased spatial awareness
  • Sensitivity control is an adaptable feature useful when welding low amp TIG for better reaction to darker arc light
  • Delay control enabling the welder to set how long the lens stays dark after the welding arc stops. Short delay helps get the job done faster during tack welding, whilst longer delay is useful for high amperage welding
  • Externally activated Grind Button. Shade 4 Grind Mode
  • True Colour allowing for a brighter view and enhanced colour definition

ESAB Part Numbers:

  • 0700000490 for Black
  • 0700000491 for Yellow



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Phil Sanchez
Overall quality helmet.

I bought this helmet through the personal shopper loyalty program at Airmiles. First impression of this helmet, love the colour! I'm always loosing it, so bright yellow was a no brainer. Fit and finish are not excellent, but for $200 it's far better than expected. 4 Sensors was why I picked this helmet. Here is where I would like to leave a note for Esab's Design department if they would ever see it In most cases and brands, the sensors are set too far back, meaning if you are welding in a difficult position which the view is kind of like looking down your nose at someone. Well you will get the occasional flash. Not a game changer, but something to improve. If I was still a full time welder I would never have spent only $200, but I'm only doing some R&D work and occasional tool fabrication. For you young welders, don't skimp out! You're eyes deserve the best helmet money can buy, trust me. My only real negative is my shop lighting, since I have to remember to store the helmet facing upwards so the solar panel is exposed to the lights. That is not the issue with the helmet, it's more about how little I weld, and the limited light in my shop. For what I do, it is a great value and would buy it again. But knowing me..... just a matter of time before I drop $800 on a new one lol. So tempting. Regarding customer service from Weld-Ready, I give them 5 star. Helpful, friendly(patient) and willing to do whatever makes their clients happy. They answer the phone, and never thought I would have to say that as a positive, but in this new online world that really stands out. Try to support your small businesses and F---c Amazon.


Well packaged shipping is really quick thanks to you guy 🧑🏻‍🏭

Crystal Clear

Love this helmet! Compared to others I have used the vision is impeccable. Also comfortable and i don't find it warm at all.

Craig Cousins
Great Welding Helmet

Light weight, can wear reading glasses while using helmet for up close work. Love grinding button on outside of helmet and small flashing LED inside to let you know you are in grind mode. Best helmet I have owned.

Dave Saunders
Really pleased

Really pleased! Lite weight, very comfortable. It preforms as advertised and the grind feature is a bonus.

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