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We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.

Fronius AccuPocket 150 Battery Powered TIG Welder

by Fronius
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Fronius AccuPocket150 Stick+TIG Battery Powered Welder 

The AccuPocket is the world's first battery powered welder! No need for trucks, generators and extension cables! Bring your AccuPocket, get the job done and go. Only have 120 V available? Put the AccuPocket in Hybrid mode and you'll still get 140A in stick and 150A in TIG! If you already have a generator on site, the AccuPocket will work great with generator power from 2 kVA!

The Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick+TIG is a lightweight, extremely portable, battery powered welder that is the ideal choice for mobile welding and repair. There's no need for a big gas drive with heavy leads, just throw this 25 pound unit over your shoulder and take it wherever you need. This package includes a sturdy wheeled tool case that will hold the unit along with all of your accessories, and can easily be thrown in the back of a truck.

The most obvious benefit of the Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick+TIG battery powered welder is the extreme portability. The less obvious benefit, is that creating an arc based on pure DC power provides characteristics that are simply unachievable when using traditional AC power with an inverter or transformer. The TIG Function offered in the AccuPocket is the only portable TIG package available on the market today. It offers nearly every TIG feature that is needed in a portable TIG unit. It has a integrated TIG gas solenoid which activates gas flow to the torch when lift start arc is ignited. Along with the gas solenoid the AccuPocket gives you the ability to set the desired Pre/Post Flow. An advanced TIG pulsing system is there right when you need it, with a pulse frequency setting of up to 10Hz. The AccuPocket TIG is truly a very compact TIG unit, with keeping portability in mind, there is no need for a foot pedal amperage control because the Fronius TIG torch TTG 1600A FS is included in this versatile welding package. The TIG TTG 1600A FS Torch has a built-in amperage control right on the torch handle. Allowing the welder to adjusts the arc and amperage on the go.    

VRD option is available (Voltage Reduction Device) It is an Open circuit voltage reduced to 14 V to maximize safety in confined areas

Features at a Glance:


  • Integrated TIG gas solenoid - IGS
  • Arc & amperage control with TIG torch
  • 2T and 4T settings controlled with the TIG TTG 1600A FS torch
  • Advanced TIG pulsing system - Up to 10Hz
  • TIG tack function TTF - TAC
  • Advanced lift arc ignition system
  • TIG comfort stop
  • Operates between 10-150 amps
  • 124 inches TIG weld or 17 minutes of continuous welding in one charge
  • Full 150A power with 120V in Hybrid-Mode 


  • Burn up to 22 rods on a single charge
  • Advanced arc features not available from any other machine
  • Outstanding welding properties due to AccuBoost technology
  • Operates between 10-140 amps
  • Extremely portable

Battery Powered Operation

The Fronius AccuPocket battery powered welder is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which ensure absolutely no decay in performance even when the welder is seconds away from hitting zero charge. The TIG process on the AccuPocket offers the ability to produce a 124 inch length TIG weld from a full charge or 17 Minutes of continuous operation at full power (150A). In addition, from a full charge, you can expect to burn 8 rods of 1/8" 7018, or 18 rods of 3/32" 7018 with no need for external power. This can also be conceptualized as being able to stick weld 63 inches of steel on battery alone. To charge from 0-80% requires just 30 minutes when plugged in to a household outlet.

The arc always draws its power directly from the battery, even when plugged in. This effectively eliminates the chance of tripping a household breaker, and greatly reduces the size of generator required for operation. Pair this unit with a small Westinghouse generator, and you become unstoppable!

To give the AccuPocket the proper charge it needs, it comes with a robust, heavy-duty ActiveCharger with the latest advanced electrical charging technology. The ActiveCharger has a simple menu with the ability to activate fast charge, hybrid mode, standard charge, or full trickle charge


Advanced TIG Features

Integrated Gas Solenoid - IGS

The Integrated gas solenoid is a high quality built-in solenoid that regulates the gas flow to the torch upon ignition of arc. No more opening the gas valve on the torch body. Simply begin the arc and IGS opens to the set pre-flow and when the arc is extinguished its followed by the set post-flow the IGS closes and shut the gas flow off. Making it much easier to operator the TIG Torch and produce a perfect weld while being gas efficient.   

Advanced TIG Pulsing System

The Advanced TIG Pulsing system allows to better control the weld puddle. This feature makes it much easier when producing out of position welds. The A.T.P.S allows an adjustment of up to 10 Hz of Pulse frequency for better heat control, which in turn is ideal for any stainless steel applications and/or even thin wall materials. It is a great aid for less experienced TIG welders. 

AccuPocket TIG Tacking Function 

Make fit-up and prep work simple with AccuPocket's smart TIG tacking function. This very handy function gives the welder the ability to prepare the fit-up pieces without the need of adding filler material by sending a very precise pulsing current to the joining work pieces. Bridging the pools on the two metals without blowing through and opening up a keyhole. 

Lift Arc Ignition System

Looking for a cleaner start? The Lift Arc Start Ignition system is cleaner more affective way to ignite an arc. The lift arc start feature reduces the chance of fouling the tungsten by allowing minimal contact with the work piece. 

TIG Comfort Stop

The AccuPocket TIG comfort stop is a smooth and pronounced arc termination system. Since the AccuPocket use a lift start system, terminating an arc can most times cause burn-in marks into the work piece. This added feature is a perfect way to terminate an arc without causing any damage to the work piece. When the Torch is lifted off after completing a weld, the TIG comfort stop feature engages and senses the arc length. Then, when the arc length reaches a set value, it terminates which prevents the arc from dragging across and damaging the work piece.

TIG Torch Trigger 

The Fronius TIG TTG 1600A FS Torch is a very unique TIG torch. It offers two pronounced triggers with the ability to increase or decrease amperage values and arc control. The TIG TTG1600A FS Torch gives full adjustments on the fly with both 2T-Step and 4T-Step Modes. It uses Fronius' easy quick connect TIG multi Connector with a simple push in and twist locking system. The locking system protects the contacts on the connector with its unique design. It is compatible with existing U/D Torches. 

Arc Perfection

The arc characteristics of the AccuPocket 150 are unlike anything we have ever tested. A traditional stick welder plugs in to the wall (AC power) and converts it to DC power. The Fronius AccuPocket is powered by batteries, which means it draws from DC power in it's absolute purest form. The weld engineers at Fronius have cleverly exploited this unique attribute to create weld properties that are impossible with conventional non-battery appliances. The end result is superior ignition properties, as well as unbelievable arc stability and dynamics.

AccuBoost Technology

We can't stress just how much easier AccuBoost makes stick welding. While testing the product, people that have never welded in their lives were burning electrodes end to end on the first strike. Firstly, the internal electronics utilize the high currents from the battery to minimize electrode-sticking very effectively. Secondly, AccuBoost uses the electronically enhanced output voltage of the battery to prevent the arc from breaking. This technology is only possible with a battery powered welder, you won't find it on any other machine.

Graph showing the relationship between amperage and voltage when stick welding with fronius battery powered welder using AccuBoost technology

  • Y: High-performance battery provides executional high short circuit currents for short periods so the electrode does not stick.
  • X: High welding voltage achieved by a harmonious balance between the battery and welding electronics resulting in no arc break.

Anti Stick 

We've all been there; your rod sticks to the work and won't come loose no matter what you do. The rod will glow red if you don't remove it, or even arc to the stinger if you do remove it. With the Fronius AccuPocket battery powered welder, simply turn on Anti-Stick, and the arc will automatically extinguish if a short circuit is detected. The end result, is that the rod is barely stuck to the work. Unclamp the stinger, grab the electrode with your hand, and bend it backwards. The rod will snap right off without a fuss, ready for re-ignition. 

HotStart and SoftStart

HotStart/SoftStart gives the user the ability to strike an arc at an elevated or reduced percentage of background amps for a set amount of time. For example, with a 6010 electrode, you may want to strike an arc with 130% of the set amperage for the first 0.7 seconds before dropping down to the desired amperage.

Fronius AccuPocket’s HotStart feature is a precise electrode ignition system that optimizes ignition behavior with electrodes such as cellulose and rutile rods. The HotStart uses Fronius advanced technology to deliver a momentary surge of clean DC current when striking the electrode. HotStart allows the welder to establish a perfect molten weld pool on a cold work piece, which in turn greatly reduces the likelihood of the electrode sticking to the work piece. HotStart is particularly beneficial when re-striking an arc on a joining weld/over-lap. This will give the finished weld a clean, consistent and uniform look.

The SoftStart feature is a great way to give the user a soft stable arc upon ignition for basic electrodes that ignite at much lower welding currents. The AccuPocket’s Advanced built-in battery system allows the unit to momentarily lower the preset welding DC current during arc ignition on low current electrode allowing it to produce a more fluid weld puddle.
graph explaining how fronius soft start controls amperage when striking a weld

Dynamic Continuously Adjustable DCA

DCA is the Fronius AccuPocket’s delivery of arc force/arc control/dig in one advanced dynamic system. When the Fronius AccuPocket senses a short-circuit, it will deliver a spike of DC current to maintain a smooth, fluid, and clean weld pool. This enables the ability to adjust operation of the Stick electrode to achieve more/less penetration into the weld joint. This simple but advanced ability to adjust the amount of DCA is used to greatly enhance arc stability, and reduce sticking.

AccuPocket Set Includes:

  • Fronius AccuPocket 150/400 TIG battery powered welder
  • ActiveCharger with power cables
  • Heavy-duty hard case with transport wheels and shoulder carry straps
  • Fronius TIG Torch TTG 1600A FS
  • Gas Hose
  • Gas Adapter
  • Welding accessories
    • Welding stinger with 13ft. leads
    • Ground clamp with 13ft. leads
    • Fronius brand welding gloves
    • Fixed shade handheld face shield
    • Fronius brand chipping hammer
    • Wire brush



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