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We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.
We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.

Fronius TransPocket 180 Portable Stick/TIG Welder - PULSED STICK

by Fronius
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Model: TransPocket 180 TIG/SMAW
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Fronius TransPocket 180 Portable Stick/TIG Welder

Pulsed stick welding; a dream come true for vertical up!

The new generation of the TransPocket 180 introduces a high degree of flexibility, portability, and reliability, featuring the most advanced stick options available today. The TransPocket 180 is available in two variants, with the first being a fully dedicated Stick/SMAW/MMA welder, and the second being a TIG and Stick combo machine. Having the option of two variants provides the welder with the perfect choice for the job at hand.

Are you attempting a task that is situated at a distance from a power source? Not to worry, as the TransPocket 180 comes equipped with integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology, enabling it to support the use of long mains leads of up to 100 meters (330 feet) in length.

Power Factor Correction - PFC

The operating concept is now more intuitive, with a simple and advanced 7-segment display for quickly configuring and reading parameters. The TransPocket boasts a sleek, modern, and functional design that stands out in the Fronius lineup. The display is slightly recessed for added protection against damage. This user-friendly setup greatly simplifies operation, allowing users to spend more time welding and less time on setup.

Made For Harsh Conditions

The TransPocket 180 is available in a MMA/SMAW and a TransPocket 180 SMAW/TIG option. The TransPocket has numerous advanced functions that make it quick, and easy for the operator to begin the welding process with features such as: HotStart, SoftStart, Anti-Stick and Dynamic Continuously Adjustable (DCA) and more. These standard integrated functions provide support at the start of and during the welding process. Resulting in professional clean looking welds. 

Overview MMA/SMAW Features:

  • Protected interface panel with maximum user-friendliness
  • SoftStart/HotStart
  • STR - Start ramp
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Tracking arc
  • Anti-stick
  • Dynamic Continuously Adjustable (DCA)
  • tSd - Time shut down
  • FUS - Fuse adapted to the available mains supply
  • 2T-step and 4T-step

Maximum Mobility and Optimized Cooling

The TransPocket 180, weighing just 20 lbs (8.7 kg), is a compact, ergonomic unit ideal for any job site. Its stylish yet functional design facilitates efficient cooling of the electrical system by drawing in airflow through fans and redirecting it via internal ducts. This unit is ready to tackle any task that comes its way.

Pulse Stick Welding

Fronius delivers once more! A must-have for SMAW welders, the TransPocket stick pulse feature simplifies challenging welds. With pulsed stick, the puddle can crystalize quicker, which enables vertical up welding without weaving and effortlessly handles thin materials. Activate the stick pulse with an adjustable Hz setting for seamless rod burning.

Anti Stick

We've all faced this issue: a stubborn welding rod that won't budge and risks overheating or arcing. With the Fronius TransPocket 180 welder, just activate Anti-Stick. If a short circuit occurs, the arc will automatically extinguish, leaving the rod barely adhered to the workpiece. Simply unclamp the stinger, grasp the electrode, and bend it backward to snap it off effortlessly for a quick re-ignition.

HotStart and SoftStart

HotStart/SoftStart grants the user control over arc ignition by adjusting amperage temporarily. For instance, with a 6010 electrode, you can initiate the arc at 130% of the set amperage for 0.7 seconds before settling at the desired level.

Fronius TransPocket's HotStart ensures precise ignition, especially with cellulose and rutile rods. It delivers a brief surge of clean DC current, allowing for a perfect molten weld pool on cold workpieces and reducing electrode sticking. HotStart shines during arc re-ignition on overlaps, resulting in a clean, uniform finish.

SoftStart, on the other hand, provides a stable, soft arc for electrodes igniting at lower currents, enhancing basic electrode welding. The TransPocket's Advanced system momentarily lowers the preset DC current during arc ignition.

Dynamic Continuously Adjustable DCA

DCA in the Fronius TransPocket is a dynamic system combining arc force, arc control, and dig. When a short-circuit is detected, the TransPocket provides a surge of DC current to ensure a smooth and clean weld pool. This allows for precise control of the Stick electrode's penetration into the weld joint, enhancing arc stability and minimizing sticking.


Our sophisticated re-ignition system is a game-changer for SMAW welders. When re-igniting the electrode, it maintains a steady 8-amp arc, creating a bright "flashlight" effect. This enables precise positioning of the previous weld's end, allowing seamless overlap and a smooth finish for continuous welding.

Advantages of TrackingArc:

    • Exact starting position for a re-ignition or after an electrode change can be found
    • No over-welding of the ignition position is necessary
    • Welding defects are avoided
    • Rework and therefore additional time exposure is avoided
    • Especially useful for applications where non-ADF's or hand shield is used




    • Integrated gas solenoid
    • TIG pulsing
    • TIG Tacking Function
    • Lift Arc ignition system
    • TIG comfort stop
    • TIG TTG 2200A TIG Torch

Integrated Gas Solenoid - IGS

Our Integrated Gas Solenoid (IGS) is a high-quality, built-in solenoid that controls torch gas flow automatically upon arc ignition. No need to manually open the gas valve on the torch. Just start the arc, and IGS activates the preset pre-flow. When the arc extinguishes, it smoothly transitions to the preset post-flow, and IGS closes, stopping the gas flow. This streamlines TIG torch operation, ensuring efficient gas usage and perfect welds.

Advanced TIG Pulsing System

The Advanced TIG Pulsing system enhances weld puddle control, especially for out-of-position welding. With a pulse frequency range of 0.5Hz to 100Hz, it offers precise heat control, making it perfect for stainless steel and thin materials. This feature is a valuable tool, particularly for less experienced TIG welders.

TIG Tacking Function 

Fronius Smart TIG Tacking simplifies fit-up and prep work. This feature allows welders to prepare workpieces without adding filler material. It achieves this by applying a precise pulsing current to join the workpieces, bridging the pools on the metals without causing blowthrough or opening a keyhole.

Lift Arc Ignition System

Looking for a cleaner start? The Lift Arc Start Ignition system provides a cleaner and more effective way to ignite an arc. This feature minimizes contact with the workpiece, reducing the risk of fouling the tungsten.

TIG Comfort Stop

The TransPocket 180 TIG Comfort Stop offers a smooth and precise arc termination system. Since the TransPocket uses a Lift start system, ending an arc can sometimes result in burn-in marks on the workpiece. This feature provides a perfect solution to terminate the arc without causing any damage. When you lift the torch after finishing a weld, the TIG Comfort Stop feature activates. It monitors the arc length, and when it reaches a preset value, it terminates the arc to prevent it from dragging across and harming the workpiece.

TIG Torch Trigger 

The Fronius TIG TTG 2200A FS Torch is a one-of-a-kind TIG torch. It features two distinct triggers for precise amperage and arc control adjustment. You can easily adjust settings on the go with both 2T-Step and 4T-Step Modes. It utilizes Fronius' quick-connect TIG multi-connector, which securely locks with a simple push and twist mechanism, safeguarding the connector contacts with its unique design. Plus, it's compatible with existing U/D Torches.


Included in Stick Package:

  • Transpocket 180 power source
  • Stinger with 13' leads
  • Ground clamp with 13' leads
  • Chipping hammer
  • Face Shield
  • 120 Volt power cord (15A)
  • 120 Volt power cord (20A)
  • 240 Volt power cord (NEMA L6-20)

Included in TIG Package:

  • Transpocket 180 power source
  • Fronius TTG 2200A TIG torch
  • Stinger with 13' leads
  • Ground clamp with 13' leads
  • Chipping hammer
  • Face Shield
  • 120 Volt power cord (15A)
  • 120 Volt power cord (20A)
  • 240 Volt power cord (NEMA L6-20)
  • Hard tool case with wheels

Customer Reviews

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Great machine, very well designed, built and extremely lightweight. Great portable machine which can run on 15, 20, 30 and 50amps.

Fronius Transpocket 180

Great product, great service and fast shipping. Can’t ask for more.

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