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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Fronius TransSteel 2200C Aluminum Ready Multi-Process Welder

by Fronius
SKU 49,0410,0070
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Model: Multi-Process Package
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Fronius TransSteel 2200C Multi-Process Welder

Welding steel requires a robust and reliable tool; one that continues to work perfectly even when exposed to the harsh conditions prevalent on construction sites, agriculture, and metalworking shops. Welding aluminum, or exotics such as copper silicon alloys requires specialized equipment like spool guns or push pull set-ups, as well as additional training and experience...or does it?


The Fronius TransSteel 2200C can reliably MIG weld aluminum using a standard MIG gun with absolutely no feeding issues. We have literally tried to make a birds nest and were unsuccessful. We tried coiling the whip at our ankles, we tried making the whip go up and down 5 feet in a large U, and we even tried flailing the whip around mid weld for a long single pass. There were no feeding issues!

The ability to MIG weld aluminum is impressive, but it's the exceptional weld performance when working with mild and stainless steel that won awards in it's release year! Having more special feature then you can think of, the Fronius TransSteel 2200C Multi-Process welder is a must have. 


  • Lightest multi-process machine in its class
  • Works with up to 100m extension cable 
  • Over voltage protection - will never trip breakers
  • MIG: No spool gun needed for welding aluminum 
  • MIG: Synergic welding - 1 parameter to set and its WeldReady
  • MIG: Spot and stitch welding 
  • TIG: Advanced TIG pulsing system allows for greater weld puddle control
  • STICK: HotStart and SoftStart features allow for hassle-free electrode ignition

Superior MIG Welding:

Easy To Operate Synergic MIG Controls - One Parameter to Weld!

Leverage the expertise of European weld engineers with Fronius Synergic MIG. With synergic MIG, you simply tell the machine your material and thickness as well as the wire and gas you have, and it will select the textbook perfect parameters. As you fine tune settings from there, the system will keep the other parameters in synch, resulting in superior weld performance. We have used similar features on other brands of welders, and we can confidently state that Fronius has outperformed the competition. Your welds will have a smoother arc, produce less spatter, and look better than ever.

Part of what makes Fronius Synergic MIG better than it's competition, is the ability to calibrate the textbook parameters to the real world. Simply navigate to calibration mode, remove your MIG nozzle, and then touch and hold your contact tip to the work surface. This will measure the real world voltage drop from wall to contact tip, and adjust parameters accordingly. Additionally, the machine is constantly monitoring arc length as well as real world resistance in the wire and adjusting parameters to compensate.

The TransSteel 2200C Synergic welding mode allows a single parameter operation. Just a simple rotation of a knob locks in the settings needed to make adjustments quick and easy. 

  • Synergic MIG keeps parameters in synch with each other
  • Leverages the experience of European weld engineers
  • Machine calibrates to real world work conditions and adjusts behind the scenes
  • Quickly and easily adjust weld settings with knob

Aluminum MIG Welding Like Never Before! 

Achieving professional aluminum MIG welds without a spool gun or push pull is a feat only pulled off by Fronius. In addition to specialized synergic MIG settings for 4043 and 5356 aluminum, this machine includes drive rolls, liner, and specific contact tips all formulated to provide an unbelievable aluminum welding experience.

The Fronius TransSteel S4T (Special 4-Step) mode is a unique trigger lock sequence specifically formulated for aluminum MIG. Push and hold the trigger to create a puddle at the start of your weld, let go of the trigger and move your torch across the weld path, and then finally push and hold the trigger to engage crater fill at the end of your weld. Every step of this process is controllable to fine tune your settings to perfection. The S4T modes allows full control over your aluminum weld by pre-heating and initiating the cleaning process before the weld is laid down. Then upon finishing the weld it has a crater fill amperage ramp down to give your weld a clean yet strong finish.  

As a bonus, the TransSteel 2200C has two separate spindles; one for 8" spools and one for 4" spools. This means you can use a 1 pound spool of aluminum or 2 pound spool of stainless with no adapter or spool gun.

  • No spool gun required
  • No feeding issues
  • Special trigger sequencing just for aluminum
  • Engineered synergic settings guarantee quality welds
  • Use a 1 pound spool with no adapter

Portable and versatile

Maximum Power Flexibility For Every Job

The Fronius TransSteel 2200C multi-process welder can run on both 120V household outlets and 230V commercial plugs. With the ability to specify the breaker fuse limit, you are guaranteed to avoid popping a breaker. The intelligent power control system allows the TransSteel to operate on a (up to) 100m extension cable without power drop. This robust unit easily works off generators without fail keeping voltage/amperage consistent.


The TransSteel has a very unique and cleverly thought out design that makes this unit ideal for many job locations and applications. It is a great option for workshops, construction sites, assembly and repairs. Weighing in at just 33 pounds, the TransSteel 220C is the lightest machine in it's class, which makes carrying this unit a breeze. The TransSteel 2200C can be lifted by it's ergonomic handle, or carried over the shoulder with the included strap.

Multi-Process; MIG + TIG + Stick

True Multi-Process Machine - Switching between MIG and DC TIG Has Never Been Easier!

The Fronius TransSteel 2200C has two gas inlet ports, one for MIG and one for TIG. Simply switch the torch and put the machine in TIG mode and you are WeldReady! The interface of the TransSteel 2200C ensures that process switches are incredibly simple. Just push button 2 and you switch from MIG welding to TIG welding!

Advanced TIG Features:

  • Advanced TIG Pulsing System
  • TIG tacking function
  • TIG torch arc and amperage control with 2 triggers on torch
  • Lift arc Start
  • TIG comfort stop
  • Dual integrated gas valve solenoid 
  • Adjustable 2T-Step and 4T-Step parameters

Advanced TIG Pulsing System 

The Advanced TIG Pulsing system allows to better control the weld puddle. This feature makes it much easier when producing out of position welds. The A.T.P.S allows an adjustment from 1 to 990Hz of Pulse frequency for better heat control, which in turn is ideal for any stainless steel applications and thin wall materials. It is a great aid for less experienced TIG welders, and veterans alike.

TIG Tacking Function 

Make fit-up and prep work simple with the TransSteel 2200C smart TIG tacking function. This handy function gives the welder the ability to prepare the fit-up pieces without the need of adding filler material by sending a very precise sequence of pulsing current to the joining work pieces. This bridges the pools on the two metals without blowing through and opening up a keyhole. 

TIG TTG 2200A FS Torch W/ Built in Amperage Control

The Fronius TIG TTG 2200A FS Torch is a unique TIG torch that comes standard with the TransSteel 2200C. It offers two pronounced triggers; one for arc start/stop, and one for amperage control. The TIG TTG2200A FS Torch gives full adjustments on the fly with both 2T-Step and 4T-Step Modes. It uses Fronius' easy quick connect TIG multi connector with a simple push and twist locking system. The locking system protects the contacts on the connector with its unique design. It is compatible with existing U/D Torches. 

Lift Arc Start Ignition System

Looking for a cleaner start? The Lift Arc Start Ignition system is cleaner more effective way to ignite an arc. The lift arc start feature reduces the chance of fouling the tungsten by allowing minimal contact with the work piece. 

TIG Comfort Stop

The TIG comfort stop is a smooth and pronounced arc termination system. Since the TransSteel 2200C uses a lift start system, terminating an arc can most times create burn-in marks on the work piece. This added feature is a perfect way to terminate an arc without causing any damage to the work piece. When the Torch is lifted off after completing a weld, the TIG comfort stop feature engages and senses the arc length. Then, when the arc length reaches a set value, it terminates which prevents the arc from dragging across and damaging the work piece.

Dual Integrated Gas Solenoids - IGS

The TransSteel 2200C includes two separate internal gas solenoids; one for MIG, and one for TIG. There is no need to switch cylinders, and there is certainly no need for a gas valve on the TIG torch. Simply begin the arc and IGS opens to the set pre-flow and when the arc is extinguished its followed by the set post-flow. This simplifies the TIG process, produces superior welds, and improves gas efficiency.


The TransSteel 2200C Multi-Process welder is packed with features for every process including stick. No matter what job comes your way, the Fronius TransSteel 2200C is an absolute weapon. 

SMAW Features:

  • Anti-Stick
  • Hot Start and Soft Start
  • Dynamic Continuously Adjustable - DCA (Dig)

Anti Stick 

We've all been there; your rod sticks to the work and won't come loose no matter what you do. The rod will glow red if you don't remove it, or even arc to the stinger if you do remove it. With the Fronius AccuPocket battery powered welder, simply turn on Anti-Stick, and the arc will automatically extinguish if a short circuit is detected. The end result, is that the rod is barely stuck to the work. Unclamp the stinger, grab the electrode with your hand, and bend it backwards. The rod will snap right off without a fuss, ready for re-ignition. 

HotStart and SoftStart

HotStart/SoftStart gives the user the ability to strike an arc at an elevated or reduced percentage of background amps for a set amount of time. For example, with a 6010 electrode, you may want to strike an arc with 130% of the set amperage for the first 0.7 seconds before dropping down to the desired amperage.

Fronius TransSteel 2200C's HotStart feature is a precise electrode ignition system that optimizes ignition behavior with electrodes such as cellulose and rutile rods. The HotStart uses Fronius advanced technology to deliver a momentary surge of clean DC current when striking the electrode. HotStart allows the welder to establish a perfect molten weld pool on a cold work piece, which in turn greatly reduces the likelihood of the electrode sticking to the work piece. HotStart is particularly beneficial when re-striking an arc on a joining weld/over-lap. This will give the finished weld a clean, consistent and uniform look.

The SoftStart feature is a great way to give the user a soft stable arc upon ignition for basic electrodes that ignite at much lower welding currents. The TransSteel 2200C's inverter system allows the unit to momentarily lower the preset welding DC current during arc ignition on low current electrode allowing it to produce a more fluid weld puddle.
graph explaining how fronius soft start controls amperage when striking a weld

Dynamic Continuously Adjustable DCA

DCA is the Fronius TransSteel 2200C's delivery of arc force/arc control/dig in one advanced dynamic system. When the Fronius TransSteel 2200C's senses a short-circuit, it will deliver a spike of DC current to maintain a smooth, fluid, and clean weld pool. This enables the ability to adjust operation of the Stick electrode to achieve more/less penetration into the weld joint. This simple but advanced ability to adjust the amount of DCA is used to greatly enhance arc stability, and reduce sticking.




  • TransSteel 2200C Multi-Process Welder
  • Torch MTG2100S/FSC-3M/45°
  • TIG TTG 2200A FS Torch
  • Electrode Holder - Stinger
  • 120V and 230V Mains Cable
  • Pressure roll and drive rollers
  • Steel inner liner / Aluminum-Ready inner liner
  • Consumables 
  • Ground Clamp 
  • Gas Hose


MIG Only Package Includes:

  • MIG Only package part number: 49,0410,0069
  • TransSteel 2200c MV/B
  • Torch MTG 2100S/FSC/3m/45°
  • Power Mains Cable 120V 15A/120V 20A/230V 20A
  • Pressure Roll
  • Drive Roll 1.2T
  • Drive Roll 0.9/1.0T
  • Contact Tip 0.9mm/1.2mm
  • Steel inner liner 1.2mm
  • Bearing Roll
  • Ground Cable
  • Gas Hose

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