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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Particle Filter for Optrel Swiss Air PAPR Respirator 4088.400

by Optrel
SKU 4088.400
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Particle Filter for Swiss Air Respirator

Filter replacement for the 4700.010 Swiss Air Respirator. Filters out 99.8% of particles in the air, including Covid-19, using the highest class of HEPA filtration. Includes pre-filter. Not compatible with the e3000x respirator.

Innovative HEPA class Th3 filters blocks more than 99.8% of particulates providing maximum protection from exposures to Hexavelent chromium and other particulates commonly found when working with stainless steel, high chrome alloys, and chrome-coated metals. Snaps into blower unit for quick and easy replacement.

  • Certified by NIOSH to its highest protection class of P100 (42 CFR 84)
  • Qty - 1 filter per order
  • For Swiss Air Respirator
  • Part No. 4088.400

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ben Sinnige
Swiss air

So, been using it for a few months now. Little background-I work in a custom fab shop, doing lots of mild steel, aluminum and stainless. Mostly metal core, hard wire and tig. The shop gets very very dusty and smoky.
I love this system because it’s lightweight and it truly is a system that you forget you’re wearing. And it will last for a 10 hour shift (on the lowest setting). It’s also ideal because i haven’t had a hood that won’t fit while wearing it.
Now my biggest problem with the unit is obviously the price, the unit is no doubt high quality, however, there is no way in hell the replacement filters should be 60$+ when they get clogged in under a week. Alongside the battery being over 200$. Keep in mind this still beats the 3m papr system with filters being nearly 100$ at some stores. But, when the ESAB replacement filters clock in at somewhere near the 20$ mark, the 60$ optrel filter is just overpriced.
In conclusion, if you only need a respirator for 20min at a time, save your money and get an over the face mask. But, if you want the most low profile PAPR system, anre doing long hours in dirty/dangerous environments and are willing to make the investment towards it, it is the system for you.

Connor Seeley
Works good

I use for. My job everyday doesn’t let me down maybe price is a little high but it’s a healthier choice than other or no respirator

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