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13 Foot Replacement Cable for Cougartron Weld Cleaners

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Cougartron orange lead with handle connects to the casing of the weld cleaner and the brush wand. The handle provides a perfect grip and control over the brush during weld cleaning, polishing or marking process.

Cougartron handle cable 13ft (4M) long, is compatible with all Cougartron weld cleaners – apart from InoxFURY*.

The handle provides a perfect grip for full control over the brush during weld cleaning or electropolishing.

The cable connects to the casing of the machine and the handle on the other side connects to the weld cleaning brush or a marking head. The marking head is a part of the Cougartron Basic Etching Set WELC4045 (sold separately) and it is used for marking and etching.

Cougartron Part Number: WELC2047

*for InoxFURY – use WELC2324 – InoxFURY Handle Cable