The D250X magnetic drill has a powerful 1600w motor which enables a cutting capacity up to 2-3/8″ and a depth of cut up to 3″. Newly designed motor housing and magnet make this large capacity drill lighter than other competitive drills in the market. The maintenance free guide rail system helps reduce cutter breakage and gives optimal cutter life.
Optimized drilling speeds for both HSS and TCT annular cutters.

• 1600 W powerful motor with heavy duty 2-speed gearbox
• Maintenance free rail guide system using dual
guide bars
• Suitable for use with TCT or HSS cutters
• Rigid design extends tool life
• Drilling with twist drills featuring Weldon shank
• Innovative smart magnet with weight reduction
• Swarf shield/Cutter guard
• Coolant bottle assembly


Brochure for Steelmax D250X Magnetic Drilling Machine

Manual for Steelmax D250X Magnetic Drilling Machine