The Steelmax Max Lifter TG series is the ideal solution for handling thin steel on any job site.

The Max Lifter TG has been meticulously designed to handle the needs inherent in working with thin steel. Our engineers have created a special design of the polar surface that when coupled with a delicate balancing of magnetic weight in the stator and rotor creates concentrated magnetic flux in a closer distance. This means more magnetic force in a much smaller area and more strength for handling thin steel. Like the standard Max Lifter line the magnets are safe and efficient and require no electricity.

The magnets lift, transport and release the load rapidly with the simple motion of a lever using a single operator. Once activated, a spring-loaded device blocks the maneuvering lever preventing any accidental deactivation. The Max Lfiter TG maintains uniform magnetic strength over the entire contact area.
Max Lifter TG magnets will operate “maintenance free” over long periods of time.


  • Available in 2 Models 330, 660 lbs (150, 300, kg) lifting capacity
    • High power rare earth magnets
    • No electrical power required
    • Special treatment on all surfaces for corrosion & wear protection
    • Intelligent magnet design activates magnet only when there is sufficient holding power
    • Mono block, rust-proof  nickel-coated design
    • Maintenance free


Brochure for Steelmax Max Lifter Thin Gauge Lifting Magnet