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We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.
We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.

3M Speedglas G5-02 MASSIVE Lens Welding Helmet

The biggest lens viewing area welding helmet in existence, and with a curved lens to boot! This is one of those products that is challenging to convey just how excellent it is online, but we are going to try. Seriously, this lens is the size of a grinding shield.

The Viewing Area

The first thing that will jump out at you when you put this lid on is just how darn big the viewing area is. To use some numbers, the 6" x 3" viewing area is 225% of the size of an old school 2" x 4" pipeline style welding helmet. Layer on top of that the the lens curves around your head which lets the lens come closer to your eyes and let you see through your peripheral vision and you have yourself an unparalleled view.

The Lens Clarity

The second thing that you will notice is that the world doesn't turn dark green immediately after putting the lid on. Thanks to shade level 2.5 in the light state, you can stay aware of your surroundings when not striking an arc. It's light enough to use as a grinding shield.

With the G5-02, Speedglas pushed the limits of how clear color can get on a welding helmet. Every welder will appreciate the lack of distortion, but TIG welders in particular will love this. With increased color clarity comes a greater contrast between the color of the puddle and the work around it. It has never been easier to monitor when it's time to dab your rod in to the puddle, or when it's time to ease off the amps a bit. 

The Shell

3M Speedglas is known for making bulletproof welding helmets, and the G5-02 is no exception. What sets the G5-02 apart from the rest of the speedglas family is that it is light and comfortable. The shell is flexible, the headgear has a soft touch to it, and the whole assembly feels light on your head.

The Sensors

The helmet has four of the most finely tuned arc sensors in existence. Auto darkening is possible all the way down to 1 Amp TIG welding, and yet it isn't prone to flickering from lights. Some may call it magic, others may call it getting what you pay for!

The App

This helmet has an app? Yes, the Speedglas G5-02 welding helmet has an app that will tell you vital information such as the current battery life, total helmet usage over it's life, how many times it has switched from light to dark state, or what percentage of time you spend striking an arc. The app also lets you adjust shade level, sensitivity, and delay, but more importantly it allows you to program settings to memory. This makes it much easier to save things how you like it for various tasks

The world's first curved auto-darkening filter.

Your world is curved, not flat. Utilizing the new 3M Speedglas Curved Glass Technology, its shape follows your head's curvature and the range of your peripheral vision.

  • Light Shade - 2.5
  • Natural Color Optics
  • 4 Arc Sensors
  • Wider View
Unleash your welding performance.

Designed for TIG welders, the G5-02 helmet creates a new standard for precision ADF viewing. This is a helmet for welders doing high-performance critical work.

The latest, high-end, inverter-based TIG machines offer incredibly stable arcs. With our most advanced electronics ever and four arc sensors, the G5-02 welding filter reliably switches even at very low TIG settings (even 1 amp!). This meets to the new pr ISO 16321 "TIG+" standards.

You will benefit from a lightweight helmet. This is a result of the thin ADF glass pack. The center of gravity is very close to the center of your head, giving you better weight distribution.

For the slim helmet, 3M created a new venting design to help further reduce heat and humidity under the hood. This will make you feel much more comfortable and cool for longer.

Why is the ADF curved?

A handful of professional TIG welders were given prototypes of helmets with various lens sizes. Their favorite aperture size was the curved, 2-to-1 aspect ratio used for designing this revolutionary ADF. A wider view was much higher rated than a taller view.

A brilliant light state.

Great clarity before the weld with 3M's new 2.5 light state. During the weld, you will benefit from the Speedglas Natural Color Technology. Colors appear brighter and more realistic in both light and dark states.

Designed to be more intuitive, you will easily be able to adjust your settings with the internal control panel. Controls are located on each side of the lens.

  • Bluetooth ON/OFF
  • Shade Lock
  • Delay
  • Shade 8-12 Adjustment
  • Sensitivity

The most frequently used controls – shade and sensitivity – are located in the lower right and left corners of the ADF to be more accessible.

Compatible Processes:
  • TIG >1A
  • Stick
  • MIG
  • Plasma

*This slim design helmet is still compatible with most filtering facepieces and reusable respirators


G5-02 Product Brochure

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