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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.


The 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 series set the standard for professional welding helmets.  Designed for welders who require optimum comfort head gear, light weight and trusted performance that has proven itself over the years.

The comfort of the Speedglas 9100 helmet is the result of extensive research and development processes. We consulted with international experts in ergonomics and anatomy to ensure that we would produce the most comfortable and protective welding helmet ever.

Professional welders marvel at the stability and balance of the helmet in all positions - up, down or anywhere in between, the new pivot location keeps leveraged forces to a minimum. With our new patented head suspension we avoid pressure on vulnerable nerves, arteries and acupressure points; areas that might cause pain or discomfort if they are set under pressure for a period of time.

Welders are delighted to see all the filter options: A grinding shade 3. Gas welding shade 5. Micro-plasma welding shade 8. Arc welding shades 9 through 13. Sensitivity settings for normal welding to low-amp inverter TIG welding, and even low sensitivity setting for when other welders are working nearby. More versatility, greater optimization and more user satisfaction

Viewing Size: 2.1" x 4.2", Total area: 9.12 sq. in.
Speedglas 9100 Helmet Features
  • The helmet is made from a lightweight, but durable material that meets the mechanical strength requirements of EN 1 levelBand ANSI Z8 .1- 00 .
  • SideWindows: Exclusive, patented shade filters that widen your field of vision. SideWindows enable you to be more aware of nearby moving machinery, tools and other peripheral hazards. The helmet is available with or without SideWindows; welders can also use removable cover plates for when peripheral vision would be distracting
  • Heat reflecting silver front.
  • The patented ¹breathability design has been updated to more efficiently direct exhaled air out of the helmet. The result is reduced fogging of the welding filter and reduced build-up of heat, moisture and stale air within the helmet.
Speedglas 9100 Headgear Features
  • Working with medical experts, we mapped out the vulnerable areas of the head and avoided them with our new head suspension design. Then, we created a design that better cradles the head. As a result, you do not need to tighten the headband as much as you do on conventional headbands to firmly hold the helmet on your head.
  • Feedback from professional welders lead us to research ways to further reduce the possibility of neck strain. Our answer was: reduce strain on the neck by reducing the static and dynamic loads. From a helmet design standpoint, that means keeping the helmet as close as possible to the head. 
Speedglas 9100XX Cartridge Features
  • There are seven dark shade settings to choose from: shade 5 for gas welding/cutting and shade 8 for micro-plasma and low amp TIG welding as well as variable dark shades of 9 to 13. If needed, you also have the option to lock-in your shade, including the light state (shade 3) for grinding. A patented comfort mode for tack welding helps to reduce eye fatigue resulting from the eye constantly adjusting to differing light levels
  • The tack welding comfort mode uses an intermediate light state (shade ). If a follow-up arc is not struck within two seconds, the welding filter switches to the normal light state (shade ). The comfort mode may help reduce eye fatigue resulting from the eye constantly needing to adjust to differing light levels during tack welding.
  • Magnification made easy. The new magnifying lens holder, on the inside face of the welding helmet, makes lens installation easier and more adjustable.
  • Conforms to ANSI Z8 .1- 00 and CSA Z9 . - 00 for eye and face protection.
  • 9100XX - 2.8"(73mm) x 4.2"(107mm) viewing area
  • Shade 5 side windows that increase your field of view
  • Auto darkening shades 5 and 8-13 (ADF)
  • 5 levels of sensitivity (TIG, >20A, MIG/MAG, Stick, Tack)
  • Visor is curved to increase your peripheral vision
  • Air deflectors inside the helmet to help direct exhaled air out
  • Part No. 06-0100-30SW

          3M Speedglas Catalogue 

ADF Shade Range
Variable 5, 8-13
ADF Viewing Area (hxw)
2.8 in x 4.2 in (7.11 cm x 10.6 cm)
Battery Life
2000 hours
Battery Type
ADF: CR2032
Cartridge or Filter Included
Dark Shades
Shade 5, 8-13
Filter Type
Headgear Type
Welding Helmet
Light State
Shade 3
Number of Sensors
Product Colour
Product Series
9100 Series Welding Helmets
Product Type
5 levels (TIG>20A & MIG/MAG, Stick, Tack)
9100 Series Welding Helmets
Series Type
Spare Part Type
Headgear & Helmets
ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA Z94.3
Switching Time (Light-Dark)
0.1 ms @ 73°F (23°C)
Visor Type
Auto-Darkening Filter
Welding Features
Advanced Headgear
Welding Process
Grinding, MIG/Mag, MMAW, Tack Welding, TIG

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