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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Miller Hard Hat PAPR Welding Helmet T94iH-R - 287510

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Miller T94iH-R Hard Hat PAPR

If you need to wear a hard hat, a respirator, and a welding helmet all at the same time, there are not many great options available for you. Thankfully, Miller Electric tackled this problem, and provided a high quality solution that will leave you wondering how you ever worked the old way!

Messing around with hard hat adapters and welding helmets is awkward, throw a respirator in the mix and it's downright uncomfortable. Here's why this set up is the perfect option for construction welders.


Lift to Talk Head Assembly:

Grinding shield flips up to expose the welders face. Improves communication, allowing operator to have access to face without removal of head assembly. This way you can sip coffee or talk without removing all your gear!

miller hard hat papr welding helmet showing helmet in three positions

ClearLight 2.0 Lens Technology:

High end patented lens technology. This is the nicest lens Miller sells. Provides advanced high-definition optics for the most realistic view that’s clearer and brighter—before, during and after every weld.

HDV Technology:

Minimal distortion of the weld puddle, even when looking sideways.

Three Air Speeds:

Adjust the air flow as needed. High speed helps cool your head in the hot months.

Integrated HDV Grind Shield:

Large integrated grind shield provides 44 sq. in. of clear viewing area for grinding and other tasks, increasing helmet-on time, decreasing the potential for eye injuries.

MSA Fas-Trac® III Ratchet-Suspension Headgear:

Provides exceptional comfort, reducing pressure points while increasing stability.

Dualtec Manifold System:

Cheaper PAPRs run one hose to the top of your head, and blast the air from there. With adjustable air controls, and a 6-point air distribution system, the welder can target where they want air to flow from. This is a must for awkward out of position welding.

LCD Display:

Get vital diagnostics and data from the blower unit. This is perfect for estimating remaining battery time, and filter life.

Four Operating Modes:

Weld, Cut, Grind, and X-Mode provide ultimate versatility. X-Mode ensures the sun and clouds don't falsely trigger your ADF, which is optimal for working outside. 

Backpack-Style Shoulder Straps:

Cheaper options simply strap the blower unit to your waist and leave it there. With this set up, there is an included 3-point shoulder harness which greatly increases comfort over a long hard day.

Quick Release One-Piece Outer Lens:

Lenses pop quickly pop out and click back in, making lens changes lightening fast. We know people that need a hard hat, welding helmet, and a respirator all at the same time are burning sticks, using flux cored wire, and even welding galv steel, all of which create a lot of mess. You will quickly learn to love just how fast lens changes are with this helmet.

Lightweight Low-Profile Blower Design:

We know the average user of this set up never really knows what situation they will be welding in next. Up ladders, inside large pipes, who knows. That's why the design is kept as small and light as possible will still delivering copious amounts of clean air in to the hood.

Audible and Vibrating Alarms:

When the battery is low, or the filters are clogged, the blower will vibrate and let out a beeping alarm. This way, even if you have earplugs in, you will be alerted that your blower needs some attention.

Four Arc Sensors:

Four independent arc sensors provide superior lens response for obstructed or low amp welding. This is critical for those that weld outside with X-Mode.

Memory Function:

For ease of switching between two preset customized memory settings

Filter Timer:

Tracks how many hours of use the filter has. This will let you watch which tasks chew up filters faster, and which tasks barely use the filter at all. 

InfoTrack 2.0:

Monitors arc time and arc count for quoting and metrics

Shade 5.0 Side Windows:

Enhances peripheral vision, amplifying sense of surroundings.

Flame-Retardant and Washable Standard Head Seal:

With 3M, you have to buy all these accessories. With Miller, it's standard. Head cover protects you from spatter while welding overhead, and helps block sunlight from entering. Bib stops spatter from hitting your neck. The two work together to prevent fumes entering the hood.

Two Lightweight Lithium-Ion Batteries:

With other brands, the most common request we get is for a second battery. WIth Miller, it's standard. Charge one while using the other to ensure you are never without power. Provides long battery life (up to eight hours) with no memory retention from frequent charging (three-hour charge cycle). Rated for 500 charges. 

Half-Shade Lens Adjustability:

With 0.5 shade level increments, you are sure to be able to nail down the darkness level that perfectly suits your needs.


Stop telling yourself that wearing a hard hat, a welding helmet, and a respirator at the same time doesn't suck and get yourself the gear you need to enjoy going to work again!

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